Hard Cover 365 Christian Writings & Messages to
Inspire Along the Way
ISBN 1-4041-8605-0
You will receive a signed copy by
contributor Russell C. Lambert.
His devotions are for:
  • January 11th
  • February 7th
  • March 5th
  • September 21st
Russell C. Lambert
Pastor Author Chaplain Vocalist

Paperback: 104 pages
ISBN 978-1-932307-73-3
66 thoughtful meditations on the book of
Isaiah. Great for personal devotions or small
groups. You will receive a signed copy.
Chosen Path
Qty: Price: $21.95

Songs of the Vineyard
Qty: Price: $10.99

This little book of meditations on Isaiah is
about history, past, present and future. It is
about people, Jews and Gentiles, it is about
God and our relationship to Him. It is a
book of judgment and apocalyptic themes as
well as care and restoration. It is a book of
facts, and principles that can be applied to
our lives. It is my hope and prayer that it
will stimulate your heart, mind and soul to
seek out the Word of God to have an even
closer relationship with Christ.
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Paperback: 208 pages
ISBN 978-1-58158-144-7
Written by more that 45 evangelical Pastors
and Chaplains, "From My Heart to Yours" is
a  compilation of devotionals, not a collection
of mini-sermons. The writers, although of
varying ages, have much in common: decades
of service in pulpits, mission fields, and even
on military battlefields. They share a deep
desire to help those around them know Christ
in a deeper way. Those writing for this book
agreed to share from their hearts, not just
their heads. "From My Heart to Yours will
inspire and challenge those in ministry, but it
can also help lay people understand the
stresses and pressures on the lives of those
called into Christian ministry. After reading
it, you may gain a whole new appreciation for
your pastor.
You will receive a
signed copy by
contributor Russell
C. Lambert. His
devotions are on
  • 36
  • 80
  • 110
  • 134
  • 151
  • 180
  • 189
From My Heart To Yours Ministers
Qty: Price: $12.99

Paperback: 206 pages
ISBN 978-1-58158-005-1
"From My Heart to Yours" is a glimpse into
the lives and thoughts of more than 40 women
married to men in ministry. This isn't  your
average devotional book, but neither are the
women who wrote it average. Their insights
about the Lord working in their "fishbowl"
lives are inspirational, touching, and
occasionally even humorous. They trust that
the Lord who placed them in their calling by
marriage understands them as no one else can.
After reading this book, you'll better
understand the joys and sorrows, pleasures
and pain, common to women who are
breathing pillars of support for their men.
You'll come away strengthened and
encouraged in your walk with the Lord. And
you'll wish you could know each of them
You will receive a
signed copy by
contributor Bonnie
Lambert. Her
devotions are on pages:
  • 12
  • 77
  • 85
  • 90
  • 99
  • 107
  • 115
From My Heart To Yours Minister Wives
Qty: Price: $12.99

Rev. Russell C. Lambert
Mrs. Bonnie Lambert
From the cradle to the grave preparing for eternity
Psalm 22:9                                         Psalm 49:15
President of Life Passage Ministries
© 2009-2015 Russell C. Lambert - All Rights Reserved
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Russell singing

Chaplain Lambert is available for Church Consulting and Coaching, Church Growth Seminars, Evangelistic Outreach, and Christian Concerts.

Mrs. Lambert has served as Children's Ministry Director, VBS Director, children's teacher, Webmaster, youth leader, and van driver.

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Paperback 126 pages
ISBN: 978-1-329-06192-7

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This may be one of the best compilations of positive uplifting devotionals in this decade.

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