Why Is My Church Dying?
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Chaplain Russell C. Lambert is the President of Life Passage Ministries, a religious charity, medical family help, and church consulting non-profit organization, an ordained Baptist Minister, a licensed Non-Denominational Chaplain and certified Police Chaplain. His ministry over the years has included virtually every facet, with highlights of five Pastorates, a Church Planter, Police Chaplain, Community Chaplain, and Worship Leader, serving in Arizona, Oregon and Washington state. He is considered a well-rounded vocalist, having performed in the professional arena for three years. He has also served 15 years in Corrections and Law Enforcement, from Officer through Lieutenant with stints as a Tactical Support Unit member, Academy Instructor, and Police Firearms Instructor. He participates in many areas of community involvement.

Chaplain Lambert is available for Church Consulting and Coaching, Church Growth Seminars, Evangelistic Outreach, and Christian Concerts.

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Russell C. Lambert
President of Life Passage Ministries
From the cradle to the grave preparing for eternity
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Book Reviews
Paperback 126 pages
ISBN: 978-1-329-06192-7

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This book contains basic Biblical concepts in evaluating the condition and health of the local congregation. It gives guidance concerning the health and well being of the local church, its members, and pastor. With the number of churches in this country in decline, this book seeks to give them direction through a process of self evaluation.

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By Robert A. Hughbanks, Th.D., Ph.D.
Pastor, Tulelake Baptist Church, Tulelake, CA
In reading this manuscript I was impressed by its vital message. Pastor Russell Lambert is sharing from a heart that knows the sad condition of our twenty-first century churches.

By Dr. Terry W. Dorsett
Executive Director, The Baptist Convention of New England, Northborough, Massachusetts

I enjoyed reading the preview copy of Russell Lambert's new book. I think Russell hits the nail on the head as he explains the various vision problems that both churches and pastors have.

By Rev. Jim Pender
Associational Missions Director, Carroll/Montgomery Baptist Association, Winona, Mississippi

Very good book, a smooth easy read, and one that should be required reading; not only for pastors but for every church leader. While scholarly in approach to the subject matter, it is written in such a way that anyone can comprehend.

By Kevin Stares
Shoreline Church, United Kingdom

I found Russell Lamberts book to be thought provoking and challenging.

By Wade A. Will
Chairman, Modoc Ministerial Association, Klamath County, OR and Modoc County, CA

Pastor Lambert does a great job in presenting this timely information and should be read by all who are concerned about the future of our local churches.

By Bruce Allen
Cartersville, GA

Whenever we consider anything that will help the church grow in its teaching, reaching out, or bringing in we often look to avenues that will help us to achieve our stated goal. We usually gather the information we need from sources that are purposely keyed in such directions. This little book is one of those sources. No pastor or teacher or church member wants to see their church dwindle down and eventually die. To prevent such a mishap one needs to understand the situations that lead to their decline. Lambertís book is a good place to start. It is small yet the author covers a number of different aspects in regard to the Scripture as his basis of thought. Worldwide Distribution, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-329-06192-7

By Tim Dunne
Coos Bay, OR

I love the book, on chapter 5 and read all the 5 chapters 3 times or better. It sure has given me a better outlook. Our pastors are not hireling or CEO or employee, The vision given to our pastor is from GOD we should trust in him to do the work our Father sent him to do. STAY FOCUSED ON THE VISION. Thanks for the good read.

Click the link and scroll down to read Russell C. Lambert's interview with Dr. Terry Dorsett Executive Director of The New England Baptist Convention on May 6, 2015 about his new book Why Is My Church Dying?
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