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On September 4, I was born to Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lambert. Clark was a tall, slender, West Virginian with black wavy hair. Agnes was a petite, brunette, Georgia peach. Her father had been an alcoholic and later gave his life to Christ and became a Baptist Evangelist. Mom was a Sunday School teacher who dedicated her first-born son to the Lord, when I was just a baby. At the age of two, I am told, I would sit on the front pew and try to sing hymns with the rest of the congregation. With Dad out of work, we loaded up the 1953 Buick Special and moved from Ohio to California, where Dad had gotten a job with the L.A.P.D. We were attending a small church in West L.A., Centinela Southern Baptist Church that was pastored by Rev. Jack Blankenship. On a Sunday evening, I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and the call to salvation. At the tender age of seven, I walked the aisle and kneeling at the altar that night I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

As the years went by and the pressures of being a L.A. Cop, mounted on Dad, he became an alcoholic. At the young age of 36, he died of sclerosis of the liver, leaving Mom devastated and myself at eleven to help raise my two younger brothers. It was only by the grace of God, that I was able to bear up under this heavy burden, which He had placed on me. As I grew, it was only the many nights I spent before the Lord in prayer and tears that carried me through. The best times of my life were spent in church. God had given me the talent to sing, the gift of teaching, and an insatiable thirst for His Word. All through school, I would sing in church and school choirs, performing solos and witnessing to anyone who would listen.

In 1976, I met and married my beloved wife, Bonnie. We rededicated our lives to the Lord, as we started our service to the Lord together. Since then, she has walked beside me as wife, and mother of our three children, Children’s Ministry Director; Vacation Bible School Director; Children’s Church teacher; Nominating Committee member; van driver for children; Webmaster and designer; Children’s Sunday School and Bible Club teacher for over 40 years; she is also my personal secretary, a bookkeeper and a tax advisor. She is a contributor to “From My Heart to Yours Inspirational Messages from the Wives of Ministers” released in February 2009 by The Benchmark Group LLC.

At the age of 24, God called me to preach. After spending my whole life in church and unable to find a mentor, I had become disenchanted. Church splits and hypocrisy had all taken their toll. I told God that I would serve Him in any way, but I would not preach. The next 13 years were the hardest of my life, trying to serve the Lord and at the same time being in a state of rebellion. Finally in 1992, I surrendered.

Through the years God has directed me into the Chaplaincy, through the National Chaplain’s Association, and the International Conference of Police Chaplains. He has also allowed me to serve as a church planter, in five full time pastorates, on the clergy advisory council of Life Services Crisis Pregnancy Center, and the Spokane County Sheriff’s Chaplaincy program.

Over the years I have been blessed by being able to work with those in the corrections and law enforcement fields, with children, youth, criminals, the disabled and the elderly. I was honored by being asked to contribute to a book for Thomas Nelson Publishers, The Chosen Path distributed through LifeWay Stores. I have since written “The Songs of the Vineyard - Sixty-six Meditations on Isaiah” published by Ambassador International, released in October 2008, “Why Is My Church Dying” published by Lulu Publishing released in April 2015 and “A Workman's Toolbox For Isaiah” published by Lulu Publishing released in February 2018. Other contributions include “From My Heart to Yours Inspirational Messages from Ministers of the Gospel” published by The Benchmark Group LLC, released in February 2009. The Lord continues to grow me in all the endeavors that He has set before me. Space does not allow me to tell of all the problems and victories over the years, or of all the other trials, personal and financial that any modern marriage of over 42 years could go through. Yes, the God who saves is the God who keeps and it is my heart’s prayer to always be in His will.

Russell C. Lambert
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