Russell C. Lambert
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From the cradle to the grave preparing for eternity
Psalm 22:9                                        Psalm 49:15
Chaplain Russell C. Lambert is an
ordained Baptist Minister, a
licensed on-Denominational
Chaplain and certified Police
Chaplain. His ministry over the
years has included virtually every
facet, with highlights of three
Senior Pastorates, a Church
Planter, Police Chaplain,
Community Chaplain, and
Worship Leader serving in
Arizona, Oregon and Washington
state. He is considered a
well-rounded vocalist, having
performed in the professional
arena for three years. He has also
served 15 years in Corrections and
Law Enforcement, from Officer
through Lieutenant with stints as
a Tactical Support Unit member,
Academy Instructor, and Police
Firearms Instructor. He
participates in many areas of
community involvement.
John 17:14 “I have given them thy word and the world hath hated them, because they are not of
the world, even as I am not of the world.”

It seems as if every year or so there is a new alien movie out. This is a genre that has been
popular since H.G. Wells wrote War of the Worlds. But, as you can see it goes back a lot
farther than that.

One thing that you can, almost always, be sure of, is that the aliens are feared and hated by
the rest of the world. Just as it is in the case of the make believe world, so it is in our case, but
for all the wrong reasons. One reason we are so hated is that, we have been given the words of
truth by our Leader, Jesus the Christ, the Creator of all. Even though Jesus looked like the
rest of the inhabitants of this world, He was not part of the world, even as you and I through
rebirth, His new creatures, are not part of the world. And just as they feared Him, they fear us
because we know the truth. You see the truth is not out there. It is in us.

It is not easy being a good alien in an evil world. Jesus understands this and has interceded on
our behalf, with the Farther, to keep us safe, verse 15
“I pray not that thou shouldest take them
out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.”
The Word of truth has set us
apart; that is the truth of God, the Word of God, made flesh. John chapter one.

A long, long time ago in a place far, far away a Father sent forth His Son. We are His new
creation, brought forth from the new birth. And the irony of all this is that we are the ones to
say, “let us take you to our leader.”
Being An Alien
Russell C. Lambert
Chaplain Russell C. Lambert
President of Life Passage Ministries
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